Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate 四丁基硫酸氢铵

规格: 99%
CAS: 32503-27-8
产品编号: H37197
MDL: MFCD00011637
品牌: INFI
Chemical NameTetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate
Synonym 四丁基酒石酸氢铵 溶液 Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate, Concentrate 四丁基硫酸氢氨 TETRABUTYLAMM.HYDROGENSULPHATE TETRABUTYLAMMONIUM HYDROGEN SULPHATE Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate 四乙基硫酸氢铵 TetrabutylAmmoniumHydrogenSulfateForHplc TETRABUTYLAMMONIUM BISULFATE 硫酸氫四丁胺 Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate 溶液 正四丁基硫酸氢基铵 TETRABUTYLAMMONIUM HYDROGENSULFATE 97% TETRA-N-BUTYLAMMONIUM HYDROGENSULFATE 硫酸氫四丁銨 TETRABUTYLAMMONIUM HYDROGEN SULFATE TetrabutylAmmoniumHydrogenSulfateForSynthesis 1-Butanaminium, N,N,N-tributyl-, sulfate (1:1) TETRABUTYLAMMONIUM HYDROGEN SULFATE 98+% tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate solution 四丁基硫酸氢铵 溶液 Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate solution 四丁基酒石酸氢铵 TETRA-N-BUTYLAMMONIUM HYDROGEN SULPHATE 四丁基硫酸氢铵/TBA n,n,n-tributyl-1-butanaminiusulfate(1:1) 四丁基硫氢酸铵; 正四丁基硫酸氢基铵; 硫酸氢四丁胺 Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulphate 97% 四丁基硫氢酸铵 TBAHS 硫酸氢化四丁基 Tetra-n-butylammoniumhydrogensulfate,98% IPC-TBA-HS 四丁基硫酸氢铵 Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate 1-Butanaminium,N,N,N-tributyl-,sulfate(1:1)
CAS Number32503-27-8
PubChem Substance ID87576671
Beilstein Registry Number3599663
EC Number251-068-5
MDL NumberMFCD00011637
Chemical Name Translation四丁基硫酸氢铵
LabNetwork Molecule IDLN00190991
GHS Symbol
WGK Germany3
Hazard Codes Xn Xn,Xi Xi
Hazard statements
  • H302 Harmful if swallowed 吞食有害
  • H315 Causes skin irritation 会刺激皮肤
  • H319 Causes serious eye irritation 严重刺激眼睛
  • H335 May cause respiratory irritation 可能导致呼吸道刺激
    Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Faceshields, full-face respirator (US), Gloves, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge (US), type ABEK (EN14387) respirator filter dust mask type N95 (US), Eyeshields, Gloves
    Precautionary statements
    • P261 Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. 避免吸入粉尘/烟/气体/烟雾/蒸汽/喷雾。
    • P264 Wash hands thoroughly after handling. 处理后要彻底洗净双手。
    • P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. 使用本产品时不要吃东西,喝水或吸烟。
    • P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. 戴防护手套/防护服/眼睛的保护物/面部保护物。
    • P301+P312+P330
    • P302+P352+P332+P313+P362+P364
    • P305+P351+P338
    • P305+P351+P338+P337+P313
    • P332+P313
    • P362 Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. 脱掉污染的衣服,清洗后方可重新使用
    • P501 Dispose of contents/container to..… 处理内容物/容器.....
      Signal word Warning
      Safety Statements
      • S26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice 眼睛接触后,立即用大量水冲洗并征求医生意见;
      • S36 Wear suitable protective clothing 穿戴适当的防护服;
      • S36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection 穿戴适当的防护服、手套和眼睛/面保护;
        Risk Statements
        • R22 Harmful if swallowed 吞咽有害
        • R36/37/38 Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin 对眼睛、呼吸系统和皮肤有刺激性
          Storage condition 低温密封保存 密封保存 充氩保存
        • A compound that displays antibacterial properties
        • {ALF} For phase-transfer catalyzed conversion of nitriles to amides by alkaline H2O2, see: Synthesis, 243 (1980).
        • {ALF} In the dehydrohalogenation of aryl 2-haloethyl ethers to give vinyl ethers, this catalyst was found much more effective than the corresponding halides or benzyltriethylammonium salts: Synthesis, 688 (1979).
        • {ALF} Benzanilides have been N-alkylated in the presence of NaOH and K2CO3: Synth. Commun., 18, 2011 (1988).
        • {ALF} Widely used phase-transfer catalyst; see Appendix 2. Some illustrative applications are given below:
        • {ALF} The oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes by potassium chromate under phase-transfer conditions is better for higher homologues, where solubility in the aqueous phase is limited: Synthesis, 134 (1979). For phase-transfer catalyzed dichromate oxidation of secondary alcohols to ketones, see: Tetrahedron Lett., 1601 (1978).
        • {ALF} It was the most effective catalyst studied for the cyclization of ß-amino acids to ß-lactams by methanesulfonyl chloride and KHCO3: Chem. Lett., 443 (1981).
        • {ALF} For use in the permanganate oxidation of benzylic positions, see Potassium permanganate, A12170.
        • 32503-27-8 H37197 Tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate


          Mol. FormulaC16H37NO4S
          Mol. Weight340
          Melting Point169-171
          Appearance 白色至类白色晶体,熔点 168-172°C,水溶性 Soluble